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Customer Profile Case Study 1

Emily, a 40-year-old businesswoman living in a middle-class neighbourhood in London, UK, is a kind, charismatic, and eloquent woman running a local advertising and marketing agency that helps SMEs improve their customer reach. She is assisted by 5 other employees but is in charge of coordinating the workers and assigning them various projects. Emily has to deal with many clients wanting to contact her every day. She is forced to work overtime and respond to emails and has a backlog that continues to grow. Emily feels overwhelmed. She is considering securing the services of a reliable virtual assistant agency to help optimize her workflow. However, she is unsure of these services.


Case Study Overview 

This case study focuses on Emily, one of our clients who runs a local advertising and marketing agency in London, UK. Her company is fast growing and so are the challenges. This case analysis outlines the challenges Emily faces such as disorganisation and un-productivity as she struggles to balance her many responsibilities. It also discusses the goals and the solution we offer through our virtual assistant services as well as provides evidence of the impact created such as achieving an optimised workflow process in Emily’s company and increased clients and productivity.  


Their Challenge

Emily is faced with a serious challenge of disorganisation and the inability to optimise her time. Married with one child, Emily’s daily life is one characterised by a lot of events and projects to attend. As the founder of the marketing and advertising agency, she needs to attend to different clients, coordinate workers, and assign them various projects. Typically, this may include holding a series of meetings with the clients and employees to ensure the agency offers the best available services to the clients while at the same time balancing meeting the company’s goals and caring for her family, not forgetting her passion for running and yoga. Emily finds managing this workload, with more new clients wanting to contact her quite difficult, and keeping up with everything on her schedule almost impossible. A lot of time is wasted trying to be organised and productive. With a notably growing business, it is predictable that her situation can only continue to exacerbate.  

Her insecurities about virtual assistant services are also prominent. Emily is wary of the aspect of virtual assistant agencies handling a lot of private information regarding her clients and her company and the services in general. In this context, she thus finds managing access to the massive amount of private information by a third party, in this case, a virtual assistant agency a challenge as the issue of data protection arises. She also finds it difficult hiring a physical assistant to come to the office. In essence, she feels disorganised and overwhelmed, while at the same time insecure about the services of virtual assistant.  


The Goal 

To find a virtual assistant that allows Emily to better organise her day, reply to the many emails from clients, and organise meetings remotely at a decent price. Emily wants to be more organised and productive than she currently is. As observed, her daily life is marred with lots of commitments that require both her direct and indirect involvement. Knowing what to do, and when to do it prior to the day and time, having the many emails she receives daily responded to effectively, and achieving a seamless flow of schedule in her daily life is her target. 

Finding a virtual assistant that will provide the needed support without exposing a lot of private information they will have access to, in order to maintain the data integrity of clients and that of her company as shown by Emily’s insecurities is also another goal.   


Our Solution 

We are here to help Emily optimise her time management by providing a skilled virtual assistant who can help her organise her schedule, plan meetings, respond to the many emails she receives on a daily basis, and many more. We provide services that help entrepreneurs and organisations optimise their work processes by taking care of their day-to-day organisation. Emily will have her schedule prepared, with a timely briefing on every pending activity that requires her attention, and have a view of how her entire day looks like early in the morning allowing seamless flow of activities. All meetings are planned by our virtual assistants, as such Emily will no longer need to worry about planning the meetings by herself. 

We are a reliable virtual assistant agency with a grandstanding reputation in the market having worked with different known companies. Our team of virtual assistants is highly professional and experienced in handling organisational tools remotely. This includes remote handling of emails and providing prompt responses to clients thus reducing the backlog. Using different virtual organisation tools, with which we offer extensive training and support to clients to ensure ease of use; we make managing time amidst the busy and demanding corporate environment become so easy. We guarantee data integrity and data protection throughout the process and our virtual assistants commit to the highest levels of professionalism. 

We optimise Emily’s time reducing the time wasted amidst joggling from one unplanned activity to the next in a random and disorganised manner as is currently the case with Emily. As a result, we help entrepreneurs create some free time to attend to their hobbies, help Emily get to have time with her family and son, do yoga, run, listen to her podcasts, and generally be more productive. 

Our services greatly help cut expenses as the remote aspect does not require physical office space or resources such as office desks among others. It also makes our services highly flexible as entrepreneurs get to enjoy them everywhere anytime as opposed to the conventional physical arrangement. Moreover, virtual assistants are more affordable than payroll clerks. In essence, we guarantee professionalism, and high-end services at highly affordable prices.    



Emily has since achieved organisation and productivity through our services. She no longer feels overwhelmed as all her activities are now planned to optimise the flow of work processes. Her emails are now responded to promptly and the backlog no longer exists. Emily can now oversee the operations of her advertising and marketing agency easily, meet more clients, and be more productive. Over the last couple of months, her company has seen tremendous growth recording a double increase in the number of clients. She now enjoys more free time, no longer needs to respond to emails even beyond working hours as she initially used to, and has recorded an increase in her yoga and running sessions. She has listened to more podcasts recently and generally feels more productive.    

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